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What We Do

Arckadl’s offers solutions for enterprises and service providers to build, operate and manage trusted blockchain networks. The solutions simplify and accelerate the implementation of state-of-the-art blockchain driven by Arckadl’s innovative products. Arckadl’s provides seamless cloud management that is easy to deploy and maintain with neutral infrastructure. We ensure that data from foreign devices can be trusted and allow enterprises and SPs to choose the data they want to share. Arckadl supports data governance and regulatory control of data.


Blockchain Session Controller

Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller provides all SDDI features and can be managed from the cloud allowing quick provisioning and traffic management. The carrier grade controller is a multitenant, high availability solution that ensures data can be trusted from foreign devices. The enterprise controller supports high availability and ensures that data can be trusted from foreign devices. With a hybrid deployment, the solution provides a private sidechain for data trust and a public blockchain for IoT data exchange.

Federation and Management Platform

Arckadl cloud federations are formed to share the services, support cooperation and interoperability among their already deployed systems. Arckadl’s Federation Management Platform is a cloud managed enterprise management system that enables policy enforcement, network compliance and data governance.

Software Defined IoT

Software Defined IoT allows devices to send data in real time to private blockchain for inclusion in shared transactions with tamper-resistant records. The data routing solution accelerates the adoption of IoT technology and enables device and asset separation and simulation sensors including device behavior, asset behavior, ruleset behavior, actions behavior and MPDO behavior.


ARCKADL Benefits

Seamless Cloud Management

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Who We are

Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted ecosystems using blockchain technology. We are a team of visionary pioneers deeply connected to blockchain’s data centric capabilities. We design, develop and sell advanced data trust solutions and blockchain data networking products, applications and professional services to global enterprises, medium and small business, as well as to service providers globally. 


The Teams Leaders

Ronen Cojocaru


Ronen Cojocaru is the founder of ARCKADL as it enters the phase of its growth as a newly independent and Innovation solution. Ronen bring More than 25+ years of experience in a variety of leadership roles from medium to large companies, building sales teams, regional presence from scratch, GM for all activities with sustainable growth record across all segments.  Previous work experience in Aerohive Networks (acquired by Extreme Networks), AudioCodes, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Kagoor Networks, RAD Group & MTS. The idea of establishing ARCKADL was to bring into the market unique Blockchain and UC solution to help and simplify the move to the cloud. 

Shashi Gowda

Director of Engineering

Shashi Gowda is Director of Engineering for Arckadl, with over 20 years' experience in Telecommunications and Emerging Technology. Through his career, he has been a hands-on leader of architecture, engineering and product management, driving all stages of solution development, including ecosystem partnerships, for the Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Big Data and IoT industries, and across numerous sectors, from Internet-Portal Data Centers to Industrial to Aerospace & Defense.

Tsui Bing Kin

R&D Engineering

Tsui Bing is an Application Architecture Engineer for Arckadl with over 20 years of IT experience working for PCCW on large and global projects. He has years of experience in developing software solutions, IoT projects, Big Data, blockchain, DSDP Application framework & platform technical design.

Raymond Ng Man Hon

R&D Engineering

Raymond Ng is an Application Architecture Manager for Arckadl, with many years of experience in large-scale projects. With a long history of working for PCCW, Hong Kong Immigration and Police department developing high end solution stack covering IoT, security, microservice architecture, blockchain, cloud computing, DevOps, JEE application stack, application integration and other application architecture components.


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