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ARCKADL Provides trusted turn Key Solutions for Blockchain, SDW, Business to Clients Voice and Messaging Conversational solutions. Working with key major Enterprises & SP across the globe.

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What We Do

Arckadl’s offers solutions for enterprises and service providers to build, operate and manage trusted networks. The solutions simplify and accelerate the implementation of state-of-the-art technology based on in-house development and from key leading vendors focusing on Blockchain, SDW, SAAS, Voice, Connectivity Reimagined, Data Ownership, Compliance, Traceability & Auditability solutions which are driven by Arckadl’s innovation. Arckadl’s provides seamless cloud managed solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain with neutral infrastructure. We ensure that data from foreign devices can be trusted, traceable while allowing enterprises and SPs to choose the data they want to share, complete ownership of their Voice and Data. In our customers list large Service Providers, Banks, Insurance companies and legals firms, supporting data governance and regulatory control of voice & data.


Blockchain Session Controller

Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller provides all Software Defined Network features and can be managed from the cloud allowing quick provisioning and traffic management. The carrier grade controller is a multitenant, high availability solution that ensures data can be trusted from foreign devices. The enterprise controller supports high availability and ensures that data can be trusted from foreign devices. With a hybrid deployment, the solution provides a private sidechain for data trust and a public blockchain for IoT data exchange. The BSC is a Non-downloadable software providing a trusted blockchain multi-tenant connection between enterprises and services providers to select and share data.

Secured Remote Connectivity

Arckadl's offer connectivity for remote uses which is a burning point to any Service Provider and Enterprises today. working remotely increases employee’s exposure to volatility of the public internet. Arckadl’s with a unique proposal by Teridion offer compressive replacement for the existing network old legacy MPLS with a global connectivity. It provides high performance connectivity without the need for any additional hardware or software. The solution allows employees and local sites to work and connect remotely, using any device and operating system and optimize the use of Teams, Zoom and other unified communications tools for a fast, reliable access to your workloads in the cloud and on site.

Business To Clients Conversational Solution

Arckadl's offer Compliance and Data ownership, no more losing business and messaging or voice calls history. Our partnering solution maintain complete record of all voice and messaging conversational between your employees and your clients. Record integrity is maintained even if an employees leaves the company with their device or in a case a client deletes a message or a voice call history. Records are complete in the event of a compliance probe or legal dispute. Arckadl’s voice and messaging integration is been defined with one of the global Service Provider which was integrated into their Global Backbone. Solution support the following messaging and voice platforms WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, KakaoTalk, LINE, Signal, SMS, Telegram, Viber with a full integration into Microsoft Teams.


ARCKADL Benefits

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Who We are

Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted cloud ecosystems using blockchain technology, compliances and network connectivity. We are a team of visionary pioneers deeply connected to the data centric capabilities. We design, develop and sell advanced data trust solutions and data networking products, applications and professional services to global enterprises, medium and small business, as well as to service providers globally. We have in our records very large customers such Service Profiles, Banks, Insurance, Legal which represent Large/Medium size enterprise. Our headquarters offices are in United States and Hong Kong. Our global team bring years of experience with huge record of success.


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